Small business is not rocket science

  1. Target
    It is important to think on who you are going to sell. You do not want to get everyone’s attention. You just need a small group of highly targetted people.small business
  2. Be Different
    Don’t offer what everyone is offering. Select places less crowded with competition. Sometimes moving whole business a few blocks away can cause a huge success.
  3. Build a Team
    People working on your business are not some random workers. At least they shouldn’t be. Select people who still have guts to grow and expand your business.
  4. Be Fast
    Sometimes you can’t control your prices. Sometimes you can’t control the quality of your products. Yet, you can always control the time of delivery. Work on it to be faster than your competition. You will see how many people want something for yesterday and are willing to pay for speed.
  5. Say Thank You
    Express your apreciation. To your clients and to your employees. You will never be given the perfect conditions to run a business. You need to create them. If clients and employees know you apreciate their part of job they will be better for you.
  6. Be Consistent
    Your whole business has to be one consistent organization. You, your employees, website and ads need to show a clear message.
  7. Smile
    Even when things go wrong. Losing your temper never helps
  8. Fanatical Optimism
    This is what turns an employer into a leader. You need to inspire.
  9. Sell Soft
    Focus on quality of your product and make offers. Don’t push to hard. You need to seem confident about your product.
  10. Leave Your Comfort Zone
    Otherwise it is not worth anything. If you do everything the way you’re doing you will be in the place you’re in. You have to move forward to push the business.